Spring in Lehe Pruulikoda
Last Summer Memories

BEER: Last Summer Memories

Orange and Honey Ale

Summer. Lazily flowing time and thoughts wander around unguarded. The summer heat slows down busy hubbub of the city life and nature is friendly towards us. In the outside, there is the sweet aroma of the linden flowers and bright shining sun.

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TCBW 2018


It’s this time of the year again. Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend is just around the corner. Beer aficionados will take over Tallinn streets to be part of beer party extraordinaire. It means that it’s time to take out our best and boldest beers and set them ready for the party. This year there will be six new beers never seen life outside the brewery before. And here they are.

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Brewing of The Golden Gates of Sigtuna

BLOG: Brewing of The Golden Gates of Sigtuna

“The Golden Gates of Sigtuna” is a journey to the history. Here, in Estonia, we have our indigenous brewing tradition, that is one of the oldest living brewing traditions in Europe. Our “Saaremaa kodu├Álu” is more than thousand years old continuous tradition and its secrets have been handed from father to son for tens of generations.

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