Winter in Lehe Pruulikoda
The Four Oxen and the Lion

BEER: The Four Oxen and the Lion

Imperial farmhouse ale

The farmer sat after the long day on the stairs of his house and looked at the quiet meadow. In the evening sky first stars started to shine. No, not even king has such dining hall, he thought. Windows that are open to the world, the ceiling that reaches the sky and million candles lighting the room. And beer, of course. He took a long sip from the tankard. The King don’t have such beer for sure. Read more ...

Lehe Pruulikoda 2017

BLOG: Lehe Pruulikoda 2017

Phew. That was a year. We got a chance to brew some very exciting beers, and we finally got our barrel-aged beers to the stores. We put our 2017 releases into the short video. 2018 looks even more promising. Thanks for hanging with us, craft beer aficionados.

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Mägi Eile Saar Must

BEER: Mägi Eile Saar Must

Barrel aged barleywine

These four words belong to our ancestors who came here, to the windy shores of Baltic sea, more than 10 000 years ago. From these time to today there is there is the uninterupted chain of days. Today we have our own country, and we are free. Our road to next 10 000 years happens the same way. Day after day, each day filled with our actions.

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Sola Cervisia

BLOG: Sola Cervisia

In 2007 one of the most famous violinists, Joshua Bell, took his three and half million dollar violin, went to New York subway entrance and played several most revered violin pieces. Two days before this performance he sold out at a theater in Boston and the seats average $100. For 43 minutes, more than thousand people passed and virtually know-one noticed this world-class performance. We decided to replicate similar experiment for beer world. Read more ...