Spring in Lehe Pruulikoda
The World Is Your Oyster

BEER: The World Is Your Oyster

Imperial Sour Ale

Seafood has always been challenging partner for a beer. Yes, few beers can carry the burden, but it still required some reservations. We brewed this beer to be the perfect match for seafood. It’s crisp, strong and sour that didn’t fit under existing beer styles, so we invented new style - “imperial sour ale.”

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Grandfather's Cherry Tobacco

BEER: Grandfather's Cherry Tobacco

Spiced Porter with Cherries

Some memories are like smoke from cherry tobacco. Bittersweet. Clinging to your hair and clothes and never leaving. Sometimes, we do not want them to go. Like the memory of the old man with long white beard, who was smoking its pipe next to his log cabin. Like the wise wizard from the fairytale.

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TCBW 2018


It’s this time of the year again. Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend is just around the corner. Beer aficionados will take over Tallinn streets to be part of beer party extraordinaire. It means that it’s time to take out our best and boldest beers and set them ready for the party. This year there will be six new beers never seen life outside the brewery before. And here they are.

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